Sunday, 13 May 2012

Thing 2 - Exploring the blogosphere

I’ve read some fantastic posts and discovered some really interesting voices out there already and am only 2 things and 1 week into the programme!  Thanks to everyone who has made me laugh, agree, disagree, nod and enthuse – way too many to list here but I am gradually overcoming my fear and starting to get the hang of this.  Although starting off is hard!  I’m still learning how all the bits and bobbins of blogger and RSS feeds and Readers and such actually work but hey, that’s what we’re here to learn right?

I didn’t address the schedule in my first post but I am looking forward to the taking part-ness of physical networking – Thing 7 falls the week after I plan to attend my first CILIP branch event so that is good.  It will be good to put some faces to names/profiles and nice to physically feel part of a network.  I am such a quiet tweeter and have minimal online presence that at the moment I feel like I’m the one lost and wandering round out the back looking for somewhere to hang my coat and fix my hair before making an actual entrance.

It is really Things 15 onwards that fill me with a sort of dreadful enthusiasm.  I want to take them on but it will be scary!  I am aware of the bun fight that occurs when newly qualified Librarians start looking for all the jobs and the competition will be fierce but personally I need to make sure I don’t quit before I’ve even started.  These last few things will help to, I’m sure, instil confidence and help me to make the correct decisions and really get to know myself professionally.  Still scary as hell though!  Thing 20 will be good for some moral support and I love the Library Day in the Life project, having taken part when I was an Oxford Library Graduate Trainee!

Anyway, in the meantime I will continue to read your posts and comment where I can!


  1. Hello! It's great to read this post, as you've voiced so many of my own irrational/rational fears about cpd 23. I have taken the plunge now and I am determined not to give up, but I'm relieved to see that other people are having similar apprehensions.

    But so far everyone is really supportive, and that, I think, is the most important thing.

    Best of luck with cpd 23!

    1. Thanks for your comment Emily :) I know it's daft to feel so scared but you're right, everyone is so supportive and nice!
      Good luck to you too...