Wednesday, 9 May 2012

First, break your eggs

Pretty stressful finding a name that wasn’t taken, but here I am!  Just signed up to this year’s CPD 23 Things!

I’m doing it this year because the re-launch this week coincided rather well with my last deadline for library school until September.  This means that I have the summer to make a good stab at this and hopefully by the start of the new term I will be so good at blogging that it will be a fairly normal part of my routine, ha.  

I have actually been toying with the idea of whether I should set up a blog for a while now as I’m halfway through my MSc and working at a nice place and generally having quite a lovely time so it would be good to challenge myself to really dive into my profession.  My main reason for not doing so though is the ever-present worry of does the world really need my ramblings on yet another library blog?  I’m worried I don’t have the “right” things to say and a lot of it comes down to old fashioned shyness!  I’m not comfortable with talking about myself in “real-life” but this programme is awesome and will encourage me to start reflecting and, I hope, help me find my niche, find the issues I’m interested in and feel better connected.  So CPD23 is giving me the impetus to ignore all these silly worries and just get on with it!

So, background.  Am halfway through the MSc ILM at UWE and working as part-time Senior Library Assistant in a college library in Oxford.  I’m really keen to get going and explore, learn some new things and maybe meet some new people along the way.  I’ve had quite a few nods and prods of recommendation so I’m hoping this just doesn’t fall off like that pair of Fairisle mittens I started and never finished because I screwed up my gauge and have one enormous mitten that I can’t bear to unravel and start again…anyway.  (Yeah, I knit too. Surprised?)

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